Skill Development Programs (Vocational Training)

I. Project Scope:

After the earthquake, a lot of organizations worked on immediate requirements in terms of issue of aids and appliances, physiotherapy and other needs of the disabled. Although Vocational training was on the agenda, it has not been taken up by any organization till date, K C R C also had this on the agenda but has not been able to implement this for want of funds, There has been a tremendous influx of Industries in the district of Kachchh due to the tax benefits announced by the Government of India.

Hence Vocational training of the challenged group of people for livelihood with placement in these upcoming industries is the basis of this project. K C R C has the infrastructure to implement this project. Lastly rehabilitation process is only complete if the individual is financially independent.

Environmental and social impact: The people with challenging condition are not rehabilitated economically and this venture will have a very positive social impact on the society. The people with challenges would compete with normal citizens in the market & also return back to the mainstream leading a normal & regular life.

II. Implementation Schedule:

Original Implementation Schedule
As K.C.R.C. is already established and providing services to the disabled for the last 3 years, with adequate infrastructure this project can be implemented immediately. It is also pertinent to note that C B R program is already implemented since last two years, hence survey and identification of beneficiaries is already completed.

Overall Objective & Immediate Objective (s):
Overall Objective:
To provide economical rehabilitation by providing livelihood programmes to the people with challenges of Mandvi taluka of Kachchh district of Gujarat.

Objectives Of The Sub-Components:

To provide training to earthquake affected persons with challenging condition & other challenged people in computers for accountancy, office work & need based software for placement in the industries being established in the district of Kachchh.

To facilitate formation of inclusive self help group, provide raw material & to guide them for marketing strategies.

To form Self Help Group of female PWSCI (People with Spinal Cord Injury) provide raw material & Marketing Strategies.

To provide economical support to people with challenges and challenging condition due to the earthquake.

To provide economical rehabilitation by providing livelihood programmes to the people with challenges of Mandvi taluka of Kachchh district of Gujarat.

Immediate Objective:

  1. To provide direct support appliances like sewing machine, Donkey Cart, Petty shop, Hand Cart, Flour Mill, Harmonium, for income generation to the service users.
  2. To organize and arrange distribution ceremony for the CRD – ADB – JFPR project being implemented at Mandvi Taluka of Kutch.
  3. To create mass awareness about the project.
  4. To involve local people for successful implementation of the project.
  5. To seek quotations and release tender for procurement of Support appliances for IGP.

Special Achievements/Success Stories/Case Studies/Training Programme/Project Information (Attach Photograph, if any)

The Project “Establishing a Vocational Training Centre for Providing Livelihood to People with Disability” was inaugurated on the 18th of April, 2006 by the worthy hands of the commissioner Shri. Vipul Mitra and Ex. Chief Minister Mr. Suresh Mehta and support appliances were distributed at the inaugural ceremony.