Physiotherapy Services

Brief History:
After the killer earthquake, rehabilitation of the affected patients was an emergency. Many national and international organization started rural works. So, KCRC has also organized urban work at Bhuj, Anjar , Rapar & Bhachau Taluka. Striking point was disabled came forward to help earthquake victims.


Activities of Physiotherapy Unit:

  • To provide therapy and home program to the patients.
  • To distribute cheques for the paraplegic patient.
  • Documentation in Braille and in audio cassettes.
  • Conducting camp for the rehabilitation service.
  • Physiotherapy

  • Follow – up the vocational support provide by Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan.
  • Transfer Gait training for the loco motor disabled.
  • Referring the patients to the other expertise.

Future Mission:

To organize and motivate self help group programs for person with disability in Bhachau Taluka. To document the client records a new computer program (Jaws) will be incorporated. The advantage is, easily accessible to Visually Impaired people. And also conducting health awareness program in coordination with Bhuj Rehabilitation Team.