Physiotherapy Services

Brief History:
After the killer earthquake, rehabilitation of the affected patients was an emergency. Many national and international organization started rural works. So, KCRC has also organized urban work at Bhuj, Anjar , Rapar & Bhachau Taluka. Striking point was disabled came forward to help earthquake victims.


Activities of Physiotherapy Unit:

  • To provide therapy and home program to the patients.
  • To distribute cheques for the paraplegic patient.
  • Documentation in Braille and in audio cassettes.
  • Conducting camp for the rehabilitation service.
  • Physiotherapy

  • Follow – up the vocational support provide by Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan.
  • Transfer Gait training for the loco motor disabled.
  • Referring the patients to the other expertise.

Future Mission:

To organize and motivate self help group programs for person with disability in Bhachau Taluka. To document the client records a new computer program (Jaws) will be incorporated. The advantage is, easily accessible to Visually Impaired people trouvé sur ce site. And also conducting health awareness program in coordination with Bhuj Rehabilitation Team.