Residential Care for Multi Challenged Girls

:: Education, Training & Rehab of multi challenged girls in residential set up ::

Brief History:
As per the human statistics about 2 to 3 % are persons with different challenges of the actual population. Among these 2 to 3 % a very small proportion of 0.5 % are persons with low IQ or mental challenges. The figure looks small but in a place like Kutch district of Gujarat state of India the estimated figure amounts to about 35000 persons with this specific problem.

KCRC while implementing a project in Mandvi Block of Kutch came across some severe mentally challenged cases with girls and women where there was no one to take care off. Even they were not in proper clothing and some were tied up in chains. The situation was really shocking and finding some good opportunity when the Director of Social Defense was on a visit to Kutch approached Mr. F. P Halani who was a very positive person, explained him the situation KCRC came across and requested to have a project where these girls and women with mutiple challenges could be taken care off.

KCRC in a short span of time was permitted completing all formalities to run such a program in Kutch with the objective to provide education, training and rehab services to to girls and women with multiple challenges. At present the organization is having 25 inmates who come under this category and required services are catered.

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