K.C.R.C’s Team

The strength of Kachchh Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center is that it is basically a professionally managed organization. The entire is constituted of 35 staff, which includes of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetic Craftsmen, Health Consultants, Field Supervisors, Field Workers, Special Educators, Social Workers from different supporting NGOs and other well educated office staff.

The dedicated staff has a vision to work steadily, to provide services for persons from all categories of disabilities, to empower and encourage the disabled to be self – reliant and to enrich the field or human resource development and research.

They have a mission to promote and provide comprehensive rehabilitation to persons with all categories of disabilities through physiotherapy, Issue of aids & appliances, orthosis & prosthesis, education, training, employment, community based rehabilitation, integrated education, research, publications, human resource development and other innovative means.

To work for the visually challenged, the deaf, the orthopedically impaired, the mentally retarded, the mentally ill, persons with the cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.