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The blindness is a global public health problem with approximately 45 million people blind and another 135 million people visually impaired, worldwide. The large number of patients requiring care suggests that a well run eye care programme can generate enough revenue to sustain itself, provided patients can be brought into system and services are of high quality to attract patients. The right to sight has provided a new impetus to the concept of comprehensive eye care encompassing eye health and prevention of blindness, treatment of eye disease and rehabilitation services for people with incurable eye conditions.


Keeping in view the vision 2020 the Bhuj centre was activated with the kind HR support of NHEH for a period of 6 months and at present the centre is functioning independently with a trained staff, the par eye_unit1 time nursing assistant and the Ophthalmic surgeon on contract for surgeries and follow-up. The problem of trained ophthalmic assistant still remains, the centre is keenly looking for an ophthalmic assistant or for a fresh science graduate to be trained for the post https://apothekefurmanner.de/kamagra-kaufen/.