Day Care Centre for Multi challenged children Facility

:: Day Care Centre for Multi challenged children – Facilities ::

Available Services

  1. Assessment of children case history taking.
  2. Identification of at-risk infants
  3. Individualized education program
  4. Speech training
  5. Sensory integration
  6. Home program for out reach child
  7. Pre-vocational training
  8. Vocational training
  9. Approach to early intervention
  10. Psycho-social assessment
  11. Training for developing self-help skills (ADL)
  12. Details records of Challenged children
  13. Support service program for school going challenge children
  14. Parents counseling
  15. Inclusive & supported employment for challenge / special children

Infrastructure Facilities

  1. Barrier free environment – independent mobility for challenge children.
  2. Specially designed toilets for physically challenged people.