Day Care Centre for Multi challenged children

What is V. I. M. D. ?:
Visual Impaired Multi-Disability is a neurological process that occurs in all of us. We all take in sensory information from our bodies and the world around us. Our brains are programmed to organize or “integrate” this sensory information to make it meaningful to us. This integration allows us to respond automatically, efficiently and comfortably in response to the specific sensory input we receive.


Major Objectives:
To develop & strengthen services for children with multiple disabilities. Continuation and proliferation of satellite centers for multiple disabilities in Gujarat. To develop model service at BPA for other agencies in western India

Activities of the center:
Identification of children with multiple disabilities in respective area. Develop services for identified children through centre as well as C.B.R. approach Assessment service

Future Mission:
To Create Awareness among the parents of the MD children’s regarding importance of early identification and intervention and moulding their future, in their disability. To form Self help group by parents Training.