Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Brief History:
Community Based Rehabilitation – CBR is a Community supported program for the benefit of persons with disability of that community using available resources from that Community. Rehabilitation is a process which takes the person with disability on the road towards achieving maximum / or near normal status in physical, mental and social life.

Objectives of CBR:
arrowr_double_black_hlTo gain a respectful place for PWD.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo train and make PWD financially independent.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo help achieve their rights.
arrowr_double_black_hlIntegration of persons with mental challenges

Functions of CBR:
arrowr_double_black_hlTo conduct house to house survey.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo train PWD as per his capacity.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo conduct camps for assessment and supply of aids and appliances.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo get ID cards.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo supply dressing material to PWD.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo liaise with PHC – CHC and NGOS in the field required.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo create awareness.
arrowr_double_black_hlTo encourage forming self help groups.

Future Mission:
To organize assessment clinics. To start small units for training and treatment of C.P., M.D. Children and others. To create self help group. To create awareness through street play, exhibition staff etc. To encourage income generating activities and gain respectful place for PWD in their community.

Maharshi Ashtavakra Yojana:
Maharshi Ashtavakra Yojana is a Community Based Rehabilitation Programme covering disabled persons of Mandvi Taluka funded by Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.
“CBR involves measures taken at the community level to use and build on the resources of the community level to use and build on the resources of the community, including the impaired, disabled and the handicapped persons themselves, their families and their community as a whole”.
CBR is cost effective, individual need based and result oriented