Mobility Devices production Unit

Mobility AIDS Production Unit
Mobility Aids is required for all persons in any challenging situation may whether “Other Wise Abled”, Children, Aged persons or even pregnant women. The Kachchh Comprehensive Rehabiltation Centre (KCRC) as the name suggests works for comprehensive development of persons with any challenges starting from education to employment.
Mobility Aids

One of the core ares of rehabilitation is employment. Keeping in view KCRC went for production of Mobility Aids with the concept that challenged persons would be trained for the production process. So challenged persons would be producing their own mobility appliances and at the same time there would be scope of employment for challenged person.

In the first phase KCRC got support from ” Shroff Family Charitable Trust” and started with the production of special chairs designed for persons with cerebral palsy in the year 2006. Mr. Kanti Sen Shroff a legend in the field of social services inaugurated the production unit. KCRC started supplying these chairs to GoG.

As time went on KCRC thought of extending and expanding the production unit and could convince the support of Suzlon Foundation, Pune who agreed to support machinery initially required to start production of Tricycles, Crutches, Sticks. From April 2011 KCRC implanted all machinery and started production of Tricycles. Till date KCRC is supplying Tricycles to local market, GoG and GoI and all local purchasers.

KCRC has been able to achieve the objective of engaging challenged persons in the production of Mobility Aids. The challenged persons were trained and finally employed in the unit.