K.C.R.C’S Mission


To promote and provide comprehensive rehabilitation to persons with all categories of disabilities through physiotherapy, Issue of aids & appliances, orthosis & prosthesis, training, employment, community based rehabilitation, integrated education, research, publications, human resource development and other innovative means.
To work for the visually challenged, the deaf, the orthopedically impaired, the mentally retarded, the mentally ill, persons with the cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.


To work steadily to provide services for persons from all categories of disabilities, to empower, encourage the disabled to be self – reliant, to enrich the field of human resource development and research.


The objectives of the Non Government developmental organization are to:

  • Creating a cadre of disabled persons who have value in the market due to there training viagrafromuk.com.
  • Planning programme that are reality and need best and job oriented.
  • Advocacy and awareness about the potentials of disabled.
  • Early intervention for the differently abled children.
  • Influencing policy and practice.
  • Initiating and promoting appropriate innovations & cost effective technology.
  • Providing qualitative & effective services through disabled professionals.